Cycling Fusion Essentials Curriculum

Cycling Fusion Essentials Curriculum

Project lead and content strategist with Cycling Fusion founder, Gene Nacey, to create the curriculum and certification for Indoor Cycling Essentials.

Developed the curriculum including the creation and design of the manual, classroom handouts, forms and charts.

Lead instructor for filming of the complete curriculum for Cycling Fusion’s online University and blending learning experience.

Architect of the certification and testing requirements, including a segmented online exam to ensure proficiency in 5 key educational areas (Bike Setup, Proper Form & Technique, Exercise Training Concepts, Risk Stratification, and Program Design.).

CF-Essentials-1CF-Essentials-2CF-Essentials-3CF-Essentials-4Classroom Handouts & Illustrations / (Powerpoint / Keynote)

CF-Essentials-5Forms and Charts