RMnet Online Policies and Procedures

RMnet Online Policies and Procedures

This project originated back in 2000 when David Adams and I worked for the International Churches of Christ.  It was originally designed in IBM Lotus Domino (Lotus Notes) for global distribution.  David hired my previous technology company eScotto.net Inc. to build the new version to be delivered as an web-based application.

I currently function as the software project manager as we continue to prepare RMnet as an enterprise-level application to target church administration.  My responsibilities and contributions have included writing the requirements specification, creating the data and security models, user interface design.and overall strategy and project management.


I was responsible for designing the applications user interface and related workflow. I was affectionately (or maybe not) referred to as “10 pixel man” because of my detailed scrutiny of visual presentation. This version of the user interface has the previous application name “nonprofitRMS”.

After some legal research we discovered conflicts in trademarking “nonprofitRMS” so the application name was change to RMnet (Risk Managment Network). I designed the logo and branding for the new name including marketing and promotional materials.

This website ad was created for David’s law firm – The Law Office of David W. Adams.

An ad created for the 2005 NACBA National Conference brochure. I’m in the process of suing Staples….

The original RMnet public facing website. We created a web-based custom-pricing application so organizations could determine the licensing costs. I developed this in InfoTML (IBM Lotus Domino).

Brochure (Trifold – Outside)

Brochure (Trifold – Inside)