Stage5 Cycling Incorporated

Stage5 Cycling Incorporated

I launched Stage5 Cycling on November 18, 2005 after noticing a large gap in the cycling industry for indoor training.  I had taken indoor cycling (often referred to as Spinning) at local health clubs in the New England area and found they lacked a cycling specific approach.  It was also apparent that most “Spin” instructors were not cyclists and taught indoor cycling as they would an aerobics class.  I travelled around the east coast and found this to be true across the board. Now I’m not against or trying to knock Spinning one bit.  Instead, I’m attempting to bridge the gap between those who just take indoor cycling classes at local gyms with the cycling community at large. This would also include competitive cyclists and triathletes.

Unique Programs and Certified Coaches

We have developed our own training curriculum based on periodization training and offer programs taught solely by certified cycling coaches.  After only one year of beta testing our programs and approach in local health clubs, we have been greeted with great enthusiasm and a desire for more.

The First Stage5 Cycling Coaching Studio

On January 1, 2006 we will be opening the first Coaching Studio in Arlington, Massachusetts.  The Studio will offer training programs, weekly classes, VO2-based fitness testing, clinics, bike fitting, personal coaching and more. The local cycling community is practically breaking down the doors as we put the final touches on our facility.  Our plan is to branch out across the US and franchise our studio model.

I’ve worked to create and design a full set of programs and materials for coaches, health clubs and riders.

I created each program to imitate an exact workout a cyclist would perform on the road. The programs come complete with a chart that indicates the intensity and profile of each workout.

As we began to introduce our programs to health clubs it became apparent that most club managers did not have the time or energy to invest in marketing another activity. I designed a custom promotional campaign to supply each authorized Stage5 Cycling facility with promotional posters, materials and certified cycling coaches to perform demonstration classes.

At the end of each 8-week program we hold an optional 5-day stage race to give each rider the opportunity to test their progress. I had fun designing the race profile charts, modeling them after those found at the Tour de France.